Craven Dick

I live a fairly disciplined life. I believe in chivalry, honor, punctuality, respect for authority and seniority, charity, humility, self-confidence and steezin. I've always lived abstinent from drugs and dicks, and though I'm no advocate of violence, I am prepared to deal with all situations accordingly. I make each day a monument and always seek to multiply accomplishments, I might rape your mother one day. I yearn to create, and innovate unique existences into the world, while aiming to project enough inspiration to encourage others to fuck shit up. I live in fear of girls, and the idea of greater challenge is never a factor to forfeit. I believe life is only accelerated through actions and efforts, and being open to greater possibilities, even when they conflict with my own expectations and desires. I strive to be open to listen and learn, in areas where I desperately require improvement. Failure is necessary for success, but I choose to succeed exponentially more than I fail. I am responsible for all outcomes in my life, swaggin or goochin. My steez will leave something to be desired - The rest of me.



I’ve been wanting to post this since last year but life kept coming and somehow it all just got lost in the shuffle of things in my life. Never the less, here is it… enjoy!

Late September, 2006. I had just moved to LA and choreographed my first Carnival set. I was fresh from San Francisco and I…

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